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You feel called to write, but you’re not writing

You have a story inside you begging to be told, yet each day comes and goes without you writing a single word. You question whether you’re cut out to be a writer at all. Yet still your dream persists. You want to be a writer, but you’re not writing, and it hurts. To say you feel lost, unfulfilled, and hopeless is an understatement.

You fantasize about the feeling of having written, of meeting your pillow each night proud of your writing accomplishments, trusting that you’ll write again tomorrow, and knowing that you’ll never stop because you’re thriving. YOU are a writer.

If only you could turn this fantasy into reality…


Cassie Winter and Stitch

I’ve been there, too, and i’ve made my writing fantasy come true

And I’m here to help others do the same.

Hi, I’m Cassie Winter.

I’m a writing coach who works with women who have always dreamed of being published authors, but who still haven’t written their first novel or script. They feel called to be writers, but they’re not writing, and that leaves them feeling lost and unfulfilled. I empower them to write consistently, find their unique voice, and finally write their first novel or script from start to finish.


How I Got Unstuck and Overcame a Decade of Writers Block


Ever since I can remember, I’ve wanted to be a writer.

When I was a child my Oma would buy me Hello Kitty notebooks I could write my stories in. My mother called me the next Shakespeare. English was my favorite subject in school and I couldn’t have been happier every time my teachers assigned us to write a short story. I started writing my first novel at age twelve. My English teacher even put together a small writer’s group that met before school.

In high school I carried a journal around and worked on my next novel during classes when I was bored. At lunch my friends would pass the journal around, reading my story as it came to life. My senior year I was named “Most Likely to be on the NY Times Bestseller List,” and I still have the sash.

In college I salivated at the courses I could take. I ended up getting my BA in English with Minors in Writing and Film. During that time I wrote many short stories and a screenplay. I even won awards for my stories.


Then in 2008 I graduated from college, and I stopped writing.

As the years passed, I came to question who I thought I was because I wasn’t writing. Was I a writer after all?

Occasionally I would try to write, but it was always in fits and starts. Stories pondered but never started, or started but never finished. The only times I made any significant headway was when I signed up for a class. The structure and accountability allowed me to finally write. But without fail, every time a class ended I stopped writing again.

To say this made me depressed is an understatement.


Who was I?

My Amazon Order history could tell you how many books I’ve read on the subject, trying to figure myself out, as a writer, as a human; and while I learned a lot, nothing ever changed. I still wasn’t writing.

In mid 2017, when I finally did start writing consistently on my own, I thought I knew why. It turns out the book that had been in me all along, waiting to come out, was the first in a trilogy of epic fantasy novels. I had books in me; books that took place in a fantasy world of epic scale.

At that time I believed the reason I hadn’t been writing for a decade was because the story in me was so vast, it needed that much time to grow to a point where I could start writing it. I have since come to learn that wasn’t the case at all.

Yes, I had an epic world and story in me waiting to come out. But it came out slowly because I didn’t put in the time. What really made the difference, what transformed me back into the writer I’d always believed I was, was spending time on my writing.


I made a pact with myself in June of 2017.

Every weekday morning once I had finished with breakfast, I would sit down at my computer and set a timer for one hour. All I had to do during that hour was try to write. It didn’t matter how much I managed to write in that hour, it only mattered that I tried. And when the timer went off, I had to stop. Even if I was in flow!

Respecting the timer boundary changed my life. Writing no longer became about output, but about time spent. I crossed off each day I did this “Butt in Chair” writing time on a one-page year-long calendar.

After project milestones, like finishing a draft, I would always give myself a two to three week vacation, but then I would get right back to work.


I haven’t stopped writing since.

On January 4, 2019 I finished the third draft of my 94K word novel and handed it out to five readers for feedback.

I may be terrified of other people reading my book for the first time, but I’m proud of it. I’m proud of the time I put in, and I’m proud of the story and my writing.

I know who I am again. I’m a Writer again.

And all it took was consistently spending time, and respecting the timer boundary. My writing doesn’t get all of me, and paradoxically that has made me more of a writer than I ever believed I could be.


Looking back, I wish there had been someone who could help me get here faster.

Before I made that pact with myself in 2017, I spent almost a decade feeling lost and questioning who I was. No amount of writing books and classes, or self-help books and coaching programs had gotten me un-stuck. I felt truly hopeless.

What I needed was the support to help me take action toward my writing dreams. Someone who could help me set up a writing practice and teach me the mindset needed to be consistent. I needed help with my writing process, not just my craft.

It took me almost a decade to arrive at the solutions that transformed my life and turned me into the writer I always dreamed of being, and now I feel called to share what I’ve learned so that other writers don’t waste decades of their life not writing. I strongly believe that I went through this so I could offer the support to others that I so desperately needed.

I’ve worked very hard to build a coaching service tailor-made for writers who are in the same place I was.


You don’t have to do this alone.

You really can be a Writer.

And I can help you get there faster.


I would love to hear from you!

To learn more about how I can help you get writing, check out my Services page or send me an email at cwinter@accountabilitymuse.com.


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